Did we scare you?

We had a great time stopping by WMUA 91.1 for Darryl Clark's "Old School" radio show on Halloween, even if it was 6:45 a.m.  I was tuned to the station and was running a few minutes late so as I parked my car on the UMASS campus I heard Darryl say on the air "an interview with Show of Cards is coming up next so here's a tune from their last album, 'Angel Island."  As I raced for the station, the song's arrangement was fixed in my head so I knew EXACTLY how much time I had left to get inside the studio and slap on the headphones!  I made it with a final chorus to spare :)  Darryl always plays amazing music and yesterday he highlighted a new collaboration we can't wait to check out, Elvis Costello and the Roots!  http://www.elviscostello.com/micro/wise-up-ghost/